Sean Toulon Visits GOLFTEC to talk Putters and the Odyssey Putter Fitting System

By Ryan Gager

Everyone has heard of the Odyssey White Hot putters, right? Well, if you haven’t, it’s time to learn. We take a deep dive talking all things putters with the man himself, Sean Toulon. Sean is the Senior Vice President of Callaway Golf (@callawaygolf), General Manager of Odyssey Golf (@odysseygolf) and the Founder of Toulon Design Putters (@toulondesign). Odyssey recently launched their Putter Fitting System, which is now available in 187 GOLFTEC Training Centers across the country, and will be in every GOLFTEC by 2023.

The Return to the Original – White Hot OG

Odyssey first launched the White Hot putters in 2000, and instantly they made their mark on the game. These revolutionary putters feature a two-part urethane insert that was developed using the same material as Callaway’s Rule 35 golf ball.

Golfers loved the sound and performance so much, that 20 years later, Odyssey released a new line of White Hot putters – the White Hot OG.

In addition to the White Hot OG putters, Odyssey also launched Toulon putters, which feature a milled face. Sean says that 75-80 percent of golfers prefer the White Hot insert style of putter, with the remaining 20-25 percent opt for a milled face without an insert.

The two faces produce very different sounds and performance. Along with numerous styles of putter heads to go along with the faces, it’s definitely beneficial to test them out in a putter fitting to find the one that’s right for you.

The Odyssey White Hot face inserts have been popular for over 20 years. Try them out at your local GOLFTEC.

The Odyssey Putter Fitting System

Get ready for the red shafts! Odyssey’s new Stroke Lab putter shafts feature their signature red color. But they go beyond just the red color, offering technology that will help you hit better putts.

“If you’ve been watching golf on TV, you see a lot of the red shaft. That’s our Stoke Lab shaft. Really, all you want a putter shaft to do is connect a grip to a head and not have a bunch of twist or torque in it. With the Stroke Lab shaft we were able to save weight in the shaft and add it to the head and also counter balance that with weight in the grip.”

Sean Toulon, GM Odyssey Golf

The first part of the Odyssey Putter Fitting System that Sean talked about was the shaft and the weight savings it provided. By repositioning weight in the head and grip, the inertia of the whole putter increased. This improves tempo and face angle at impact, helping golfers hit more consistent putts.

This fitting system gives GOLFTEC Coaches all the tools they need to help Students make more putts. We are now able to have Students try a variety of combinations of putter heads – blades or mallets, with or without sight lines, with or without face inserts – paired with different grips – traditional, oversize, even claw – built on different shaft lengths, from 32 to 36 inches.

Because the heads simply screw onto the shaft, it’s easy for a Student to try several different putters in a short amount of time.

The Odyssey Putter Fitting System allows golfers to try several different putter head, shaft and grip combinations.

Sean adds that the best thing you can do is set up the same way every time you putt. This will help your consistency on the greens with both aim and your distance. Talk with your local GOLFTEC Coach about coming in to experience the Odyssey Putter Fitting System today! “What I love about it, is that when you leave you will be a better putter immediately,” says Toulon. “And in golf, when you can find immediate improvement, take every bit of that you can get.”

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