Mark Baldwin Shares Some Tips for when You Have Limited Time Before Your Round

By Ryan Gager

With only 30 minutes before your tee time, Baldwin gives his best strategy to warm up.

If you’re golfer who’s always pressed for time when it comes to warming up before your tee time, you’re not alone. Many golfers find themselves rushing to the course from work, dealing with family obligations, or even unexpected events like a stolen car, which Baldwin had to deal with prior to the Colorado Open. However, warming up properly is crucial for improving your golf game and preventing injuries. That’s why the professionals at GOLFTEC, including Tour Player Mark Baldwin, recommend following a simple yet effective warm-up routine, even if you have limited time.

Activating Your Muscles

The first and most important step in any warm-up routine is to engage your muscles and get them ready for the physical demands of golf. Mark Baldwin suggests starting with some single leg squats and balance exercises to activate your muscles and improve your balance. Holding a club with one hand and reaching down below your knee can help warm up your muscles and also help you focus your mind, leaving behind any outside stresses or worries.

Getting your body moving and blood flowing is crucial, especially if you’ve been sitting at a desk, just woke up, or spent time sitting in a car before your round. Avoiding injuries is key to enjoying your golf game to the fullest, and warming up your body can help you achieve that.

If you’re pressed for time, Baldwin recommends starting with some rotational stretches on the ground, crossing one leg over the other and twisting the opposite way to engage your core and loosen up your rotational muscles. After that, you can use two or three clubs or an orange Whip to gently feel the flow of your golf swing, focusing on the weight of the clubhead and the movement of your body.

Check out Baldwin’s experience playing in the 2022 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-AM, where made the cut playing alongside some famous celebrities!

Activate your muscles by doing some squats and balance excersizes.

Hitting Shots

If you have a few more minutes, you can work on your short game and wedges. Baldwin suggests hitting five or six wedges, starting with hip-high shots and progressing to shoulder-high shots and full swings, then going back down to three-quarter swings. This helps you get a feel for different positions and ball flights. After that, you can hit a few shots with a seven iron, and finally, use the club that you’ll be using for your first shot on the course, whether it’s a three wood or a driver. This replicates the exact shot you’ll be facing on the first tee, just like the pros do in their warm-up routine.

If you have more time for a full warm-up, you can expand on these exercises and spend more time on each area of your game, including longer shots with different clubs, focusing on shot shape, pattern, and distance. However, even with limited time, following this simple warm-up routine can help you prepare your body and mind for a better golf game.

On the range, prior to your round, is not the time to try and adjust or work on your swing. This should be reserved for between rounds, and the expert Coaches at GOLFTEC would love to help you out!

Take a couple minutes to hit some wedges, starting with hip-high and shoulder-high shots.

Warming up properly before your round of golf is crucial for improving your game and preventing injuries. Even if you have limited time, following a simple warm-up routine like the one recommended by Baldwin can help you engage your muscles, get your body moving, and focus on specific areas of your game. So, next time you’re pressed for time, remember to prioritize your warm-up routine and set yourself up for a successful round of golf. For more help with you game, find a GOLFTEC near you and talk to a local Coach today.

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