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By Ryan Gager

GOLFTEC Athletes Hannah Gregg and Fredrik Lindblom recently had the incredible opportunity to visit The Kingdom, TaylorMade’s renowned headquarters. During their visit, they were excited to try out Tiger Woods’ clubs including his wedges, irons and driver! Getting a change to hit Tiger’s clubs is quite the experience, but also stresses the importance of getting fit for proper clubs for you and your game, because unfortunately, not everyone hits it like Tiger. Check out a memorable Club Explorers with Hannah and Fredrik.

Tiger’s MG3 Tiger Woods Grind Wedges

The TW wedges are specially crafted to emulate Tiger Woods’ preferred wedge design and playing style. Available in 56 and 60 degrees of loft, these wedges perfectly align with Tiger’s playing preferences. The golfing legend uses a 49-degree pitching wedge due to his choice of weaker lofted irons. Consequently, he opts for a 56-degree and 60-degree wedge setup to maintain consistent gaps in his bag.

One of the standout features of the Tiger Woods wedge is its unique sole design. The leading edge is notably sharp, allowing for precise ball control. In contrast, the back part features a wider bounce. This deliberate design variation enables the wedge to perform differently when positioned square versus open. Tiger’s exceptional mastery over the wedge’s bounce and leading edge usage grants him impressive versatility on the course.

Previously, Hannah and Fredrik visited PING headquarters as well to try out the new G430 series of clubs. See that video here.

TaylorMade High-Toe Wedges

While Hannah and Fredrik enjoyed hitting Tiger’s wedges, they noted that they would be best suited for players who possess refined ball-striking skills. So, they next did a comparison to TaylorMade’s Hi-Toe wedge, known for its distinctive shape and performance advantages. The High-Toe wedge features a repositioned weight that is concentrated higher in the toe area, effectively raising the center of gravity. This design modification helps control launch and maintain a lower ball flight—an area where many amateurs struggle with their wedge shots.

With the High-Toe wedge, the goal is to strike the ball below the center of gravity. This approach is similar to hitting a low, spinning shot off the heel of a driver. By doing so, golfers can achieve a more controlled launch angle and improve their ability to manage wedge shots. The High-Toe wedge’s design is particularly advantageous for golfers who tend to hit their wedges too high, resulting in reduced spin and difficulty in shot control.

One notable feature of the High-Toe wedge is the grooves that extend all the way to the edge of the clubface. This design aspect was a direct response to feedback from TaylorMade’s tour professionals. These players requested grooves that would provide ample spin, even when the ball is struck toward the toe or when playing shots from the rough or sand. The inclusion of full-face grooves enhances versatility and helps golfers maintain consistent spin rates across different shot scenarios.

Fredrik immediately noticed the lower launch angle and appreciated how the technology of the wedge allowed him to achieve a controlled flight trajectory. The spin rates also stood out, with Fredrik observing a considerable increase in spin compared to his previous wedges. In addition to its performance benefits, the High-Toe wedge showcased its turf interaction capabilities. Hannah, who considers herself a digger, felt that the high toe wedge did not dig as much as the Tiger Woods wedge they had previously tested. This is attributed to the wedge’s four-way camber design, which makes it more forgiving through different lies and turf conditions.

Tiger’s P7TW Irons

Moving to irons, Hannah and Fredrik eagerly picked up the P7TW irons, clubs that have led to so much success for the legendary golfer. The distinct design and reputation of these clubs sparked both intrigue and trepidation. With a touch of skepticism, they prepared to hit the seven iron and gauge its performance.

As Hannah and Fredrik took their swings, they immediately noticed a significant drop in ball speed compared to their own irons. The P7TW irons feature a weaker loft package, resulting in higher launch angles and increased spin. While the feedback and feel were exceptional, the distance achieved fell short of their expectations. And any mishit was immediately felt through a stinging in their hands.

Despite the impressive appearance and aesthetic appeal of the P7TW irons, both Hannah and Fredrik recognized that the P7TW irons may not be the optimal choice for average golfers seeking distance and consistency. Tiger’s irons undoubtedly excel in providing precise feedback and offering shot versatility. So, for those skilled golfers looking to shape shots and appreciate the aesthetics and legacy associated with Tiger Woods’ game, the P7TW irons may be a captivating option.

TaylorMade P790 Irons

Understanding the needs of average golfers, TaylorMade developed the P790 irons as part of their P series lineup. Hannah eagerly stepped up to give them a swing, intrigued by their reputation for combining forgiveness and distance with a sleek design.

As Hannah struck the ball with the P790 irons, she immediately noticed an impressive increase in ball speed, registering her fastest swing yet at 105 mph. The combination of optimized launch angle and enhanced spin resulted in greater carry distance, clearly visible on the launch monitor. It was evident that these irons were unlocking her potential.

One key feature that distinguishes the P790 irons is the presence of a speed pocket located on the bottom of the club. Designed to protect shots hit low on the face, the speed pocket ensures that ball speed remains consistent even on slight mishits. Hannah experienced this firsthand when she hit a touch thin, yet still maintained impressive ball speed at 106 mph. The speed pocket provided the forgiveness she needed without sacrificing performance.

Tiger’s Stealth 2 Plus Driver

From the moment Fredrik stepped on the grounds at The Kingdom, this was the club he wanted to hit more than any other – Tiger’s driver. Tiger plays a Stealth 2 Plus driver in a special Tour edition head with just 8 degrees of loft. Paired with an extra stiff shaft, this club is meant to be a low-launch, low-spin driver. Because of these specifications, a golfer would need tremendous swing speed and proper swing path to make this driver work effectively.

Fredrik and Hannah both took turns hitting the driver, and while Fredrik had success with it with his higher swing speed, they both recognized that this was not an ideal driver for them and that getting properly fitted for a driver would give them better numbers in terms of ball speed, launch, spin and total distance.

Hannah Gets Fit For A Stealth 2 Driver

Following the excitement of their trip to TaylorMade’s Kingdom to try out Tiger Woods’ clubs, Hannah rushed into their local GOLFTEC to get fitted for her own Stealth 2 driver. Working with a professional GOLFTEC fitter, Hannah was able to find a Stealth 2 driver that was fit perfectly for her and her game. Compared to Tiger’s driver, Hannah was able to increase her launch angle, spin rate, carry distance and overall distance.

While the TaylorMade Stealth 2 models are similar to what she hit in Tiger’s driver, optimizing the head by increasing loft, moving the sliding weight to draw bias, and adding a lighter and more flexible shaft made a huge difference in Hannah’s overall performance with the driver.

While it was a fun experience for Hannah and Fredrik to visit The Kingdom and try out Tiger Woods’ TaylorMade clubs, it was also good for them to compare his clubs to other TaylorMade clubs that cater to a wider variety of amateur golfer. After all, there are not many people who would be able to have success playing Tiger’s clubs. With so many clubhead and shaft combinations it’s definitely worth coming in to GOLFTEC and getting fitted for clubs for you and your game. Getting started is easy, simply find a local GOLFTEC near year and come in for a club fitting with one of our professional Coaches.

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