Connie and Brad Take a Look at the Most Draw-Biased Drivers of the Year

By Ryan Gager

Welcome to the latest edition of Club Explorers, where GOLFTEC’s Brad Skupaka and Connie Chen will be discussing the three most draw biased drivers of 2023. These drivers are designed to help golfers who struggle with a slice by minimizing it and even turning a few shots over to draw. We will go over the features of each driver and analyze their performance based on the data we collected. So, let’s dive in and find out which drivers made it to the top of the list!

Before we get into the specifics of each driver, let’s talk about the features that make them draw biased. One important factor is the sweet spot location. The more the sweet spot moves towards the heel of the driver, the more draw biased it becomes. Additionally, some drivers have adapters on the shaft that can make the driver more upright, aiming the face more to the left.

Callaway Paradym Driver

The Callaway Paradym driver is number three on our list for the most draw biased driver of 2023. It features a 15-gram weight that can be moved in the back skirt of the driver. By moving the weight all the way into the heel, the sweet spot is shifted about three millimeters into the heel as well. This draw bias helps golfers who struggle with a slice. Another feature of the Paradym driver is the 360 carbon chassis, which increases the amount of composite material in the driver. This allows for more weight to be placed in the back, further enhancing the ability to move the center of gravity (CG) and promote a draw bias.

During Connie’s testing, the Paradym driver consistently produced shots that curved from right to left, confirming its draw bias. The driver also received positive feedback for its appearance, with its blue shaft matching the head and giving it a sleek look. Golfers also noted that the Paradym felt faster off the face and was easy to turn over, thanks to the weight in the heel.

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Leading off our top 3 most draw biased drivers of 2023 is the Callaway Paradym.

Titleist TSR3 Driver

Number two on our list for the most draw biased driver of 2023 is the Titleist TSR3 driver. This driver has undergone several upgrades in its next generation model, including improved aerodynamics and a cleaner sole design. The TSR3 features an ATI titanium face and an adjustable movable weight in the rear. The weight can be moved up to three millimeters in either direction, with the draw setting moving it slightly more into the heel compared to the Paradym driver.

During testing, the TSR3 driver consistently produced shots that started to the right and curved to the left, showcasing its draw bias. Golfers praised the driver for its clean look and Connie even compared it to a Star Wars spaceship. The sound and feel of the TSR3 were also highly rated, with many noting that it felt more modern compared to previous Titleist drivers.

The Titleist TSR3 comes in second for our most draw biased drivers of 2023.

Cobra Aerojet Max Driver

The Cobra Aerojet Max driver takes the top spot as the most draw biased driver of 2023. This driver features a unique weight configuration with a three-gram weight in the heel and a 12-gram weight in the back. The sweet spot of the Aerojet Max driver is located five millimeters into the heel, making it the most draw biased driver ever measured. The shaping of the driver has also been optimized for improved aerodynamics, allowing for faster swing speeds.

During testing, the Aerojet Max driver consistently produced shots that started to the right and had a significant draw to the left. Golfers praised the sound and feel of the driver, noting that it had a more muted sound compared to other drivers. The appearance of the driver was also well-received, with its sleek design.

Our most draw biased driver of 2023 is the Cobra Aerojet Max.

If you struggle with a slice and are looking for a driver that can help minimize it, the Callaway Paradym, Titleist TSR3, and Cobra Aerojet Max are excellent options to consider. Each driver offers unique features and benefits, such as adjustable weights and optimized aerodynamics, to promote a draw bias and improve your game. It’s important to note that personal preferences, such as sound, feel, and appearance, should also be taken into account when choosing a driver. To find the best driver for your game, we recommend getting fitted by one of our professionals at a local GOLFTEC near you who can assess your swing and recommend the driver that suits you best.

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