Stop scooping the ball to create crisp wedge contact around the green

Scooping. Flipping. Trying to help the golf ball up in the air puts the golf club in a dangerous position with a shaft that is leaning backwards as you try to strike the golf ball.

Getting the club to lean backwards exposing the leading edge of the golf ball brings in that dreaded bladed shot that rockets across the green. If we can prevent the shaft from leaning backwards we have a great opportunity to help you break your personal par.
The left hand only drill is one of several golf drills you can practice and is a simple effective way to give you the sensation of a shaft that is leaning forward as you strike the golf ball.

The first thing we are going to do is choke down to the bottom of the grip to lighten up the swing weight. From there, we are going to make some swings without a golf ball working back and through getting the sensation of the left wrist staying nice and flat and not trying to scoop and flip the golf ball up in the air. After a few practice swings with the left hand only drill without a golf ball it’s now time to transition to a golf ball.

The goal here when we go back to hitting balls, is not perfect contact every time with the ball, but the goal is to keep the shaft leaning forward as you strike the golf ball, stopping the flip and stopping that club from leaning backwards.

A shaft leaning forward at impact will ensure crisp contact with your wedges and help you break your personal par. If you are ready to commit to your game get started with GolfTEC today.


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