Welcome to Missbusters, where we analyze the top missed shots in the game of golf.

In this issue of Missbusters, we are looking at the most common miss in amateur golf, the slice. View and download The Common Slice infographic below. Be sure to visit GolfTEC.com/Missbusters for additional drills and information on the slice and check back often for the latest issue of Missbusters!

Missbusters Slice Infographic

To download the infographic, click the image above, right click on the infographic, choose “Save Image As…” and save it where you would like on your computer.

Be sure to check out the video below for additional information on the common slice. Also visit the Staggered Stance Drill to help you produce a drawing ball flight.

Additional golf drills are available on the GolfTEC Blog, located here. If you need help fixing your common slice, talk to a GolfTEC coach today!


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