Guidelines For Driver Adjustments

Well golfers, I have some bad news about your driver – if you purchased a standard adjustable driver off the rack and did not have it fit to you and your swing, there is a strong chance the settings are holding you back from achieving your potential with the club. There are many questions golfers should evaluate as they begin to adjust their driver: do you hit a draw, fade, or relatively straight? Do you hit it high, low, or average height? Do you get at least 15 yards of roll after the ball lands?

These are all important questions, but the true question you should be asking is are you maximizing your trajectory (launch and spin) for your club head speed?

With the advanced launch monitor technology today, a GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach is able to make what seems like a very minor adjustment to the driver but actually have a significant impact on maximizing ball speed, launch, and spin. For every swing characteristic, there are different settings to help you optimize your shot trajectory. By finding the right adjustments to make, a properly fit driver will help you improve your shot distance and shot dispersion.

Below are basic guidelines for driver adjustments. It is important to note that once you start to incorporate more than two of these dynamics, the settings can inadvertently have a negative effect on your ball flight.

  • Swing path inside-to-out (Draw / Hook) = More weight towards the toe of the driver
  • Swing path outside-to-in (Fade / Slice) = More weight towards the heel of the driver
  • Upward angle of attack (head of club ascending at impact) = Reduce the loft
  • Downward angle of attack (head of club descending at impact) = Increase the loft
  • High club head speed = Reduce the loft
  • Low club head speed = Increase the loft

Of course the easiest way to dial in your adjustable driver is to see your local GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach for a personalized fitting where they have all the tools to maximize your ball flight and game! And now is the perfect time with Training Camp underway! For more information on a GolfTEC TECfit, visit us here & be sure to talk to your local Coach today!



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