Solve It This Off-Season: The Ping Pong Drill

Control your shot trajectory around the course to come out firing at the flag in 2016.

By GolfTEC Digital

For many of us, the weather is beginning to change and we’re reviewing the past golf season in determining just what to concentrate on during the off-season. To us at GolfTEC, this is prime time for making serious improvements to your golf game.

Which is why Doug Strawbridge, who last year around this time gave us the Business Card Drill to help your contact, is back again with the Ping Pong Drill to improve your shot trajectory through feel – all by simply using a chair and a ping pong ball.

Control your trajectory

So, take a look at this simple drill for the off-season to come out firing in 2016, and talk to your local GolfTEC Coach for more help.

Like what you see? For more video drills like this, visit the Video section of GolfTEC Scramble here, and make sure to subscribe for all of the latest golf drills and instruction we have to offer.



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