Welcome to our new series, 5 for 5, where we visit with a variety of guests to answer five questions on all things golf and GolfTEC.

By GolfTEC Digital

Since this is our first foray into providing personal insight from golf’s and GolfTEC’s brightest personalities, we couldn’t think of a more ideal guest than GolfTEC’s very first Certified Personal Coach, PGA professional, Ty Walker, who began his career nearly 20 years ago in 1996.

A Chicago native who has taught over 45,000(!) lessons, he has been recognized on numerous occasions both state-wide in Colorado and nationally. Recently, Ty was named as one of Golf Digest’s Best Teachers in Your State, and he explains how his storied career and honors like this may never have happened if it weren’t for meeting GolfTEC CEO Joe Assell’s Aunt Peggy.

One of our best, Ty epitomizes what’s made GolfTEC the world leader in instruction, and his passion for golf and teaching truly shine through in every lesson he gives.


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