By GolfTEC Digital

As we approach the holidays and spend cherished time with family and friends, it’s great to reflect on that for which we’re most thankful.

So, to kick off our new series, Cup of Joe – a behind-the-scenes look at GolfTEC from CEO Joe Assell himself – Joe shares what he’s most thankful for, which includes 20 years of helping people play better golf and experiencing some amazing moments along the way.

Watch what he had to say:


  1. What a nice thing! I hope you realize how effective small gestures like this can be.
    My wife Sally and I are thankful for the great instruction we have received from Zachary Estridge (who has moved on to further his education) and from our new coach, Oliver Darby. And John Kallin who rounds out the team in Edina is always cheerful and helpful.
    Thanks again.


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