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As the holidays approach and 2015 winds down, we find ourselves reflecting on what an exciting year it has been for both the game of golf and all of us at GolfTEC. From our celebration of 20 years providing world-class golf lessons to Jordan Spieth breaking through for back-to-back major championships, 2015 brought a revived sense of enthusiasm for the future of this great game.

So, to keep the momentum moving into 2016, here’s a review of our articles from 2015 to enjoy and share as you celebrate the new year and prepare for an even better 2016.

5. Five swing keys from PGA Tour Player Shane Bertsch’s swing to help you hit it better

Shane Bertsch Golf SwingPGA Tour player Shane Bertsch has a combined 481 starts between the PGA and tours, amassing nearly $4 million in career earnings. So when a world-class player like this stops by GolfTEC headquarters to take a few swings, we naturally pay attention to see what’s made him so successful. Here are five keys in his swing that stand out as elements that, if copied in your own game, should go a long way toward better ball striking. Read the article.

4. Find the right putter for your stroke

Find the right putter styleOften during putting lessons, we find students who struggle with their inability to hole putts think their putting stroke is to blame. While much of the time that’s true, there are many instances where a golfer is simply using a putter that doesn’t fit their putting stroke. GolfTEC Coach Erin Menath offers some guidelines to identify the best putter for your game in this great article and infographic. See the Infographic.

3. Making bunker play easy

Making bunker play easyIf you’ve ever watched golf on television, you’ve probably heard the announcer say something like, “He was sure lucky to have found the greenside bunker!” But, wait, aren’t bunkers supposed to be a penalty? They sure seem to be a challenge for most recreational golfers, so GolfTEC’s Mickey Soderberg is here to tell you exactly why bunker shots shouldn’t be as big of a hazard as you might think, offering five simple steps to make these shots easier. Read the article.

2. Making solid contact but still slicing the ball?

How to fix your golf slicePicture this: It’s a perfect Saturday afternoon and you’ve just made a beautiful strike with the ball flying high and true, until suddenly it takes a sharp turn and winds up in the rough, in a hazard or, even worse, in someone’s backyard. So, why did it curve offline? Coach Steve Lippincott explains how the answer may not be as elusive as you think. Read the article.

1. Chipping vs. pitching: Technique differentiators

To many golfers, chipping and pitching might seem like very similar shots, but understanding the subtle differences between the two can significantly lower your scores and improve your game. GolfTEC’s Mike Ray explains the key differences and technique differentiators to help you improve your short game in this year’s top article! Read the article.

Be on the lookout for the Top 5 Video Drills of the year shortly!


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