By Daniel Benzenberg

If you’re struggling with weak shots ballooning too high and to the right (as a right-hander), this is likely caused by an open clubface at impact, which, for many, occurs in the downswing.

So, here’s the Palm Down Drill for a great way to identify if you fall into this category, and to visualize and understand the differences in face position by using the palm of your trail hand to check. As the video explains, when your palm is facing toward the sky, the clubface is open. And when your palm is facing toward the ground, the clubface is more closed, or square, which is much more desired.

The ideal method to practice this is to first rehearse slowly in a mirror for better feel and awareness of the clubface, and then start with small, slow swings while hitting balls before working your way to full shots. Ultimately, this drill can dramatically help you to finally square the clubface at impact and turn those weak, high-righters into solid, piercing shots at the flag!



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