Properly fitting golf clubs to your game can make all the difference in the world, so do it right with a GolfTEC TECfit

By GolfTEC Digital

Long gone are the days of persimmon woods and blade irons, where a missed shot (combined with high-spinning balata balls) launched the ball immediately offline, with a more pronounced curve than the most challenging college physics test around. Today’s constantly-evolving technology has instead created equipment yielding more distance and less curve, seeing virtually every golfer reaping the benefits.

But, no matter how technology-advanced golf equipment has become, many benefits are lost without a proper golf club fitting. So, GolfTEC’s Jon Levy visits with 20-year industry veteran, Dave Pauley, for context on this and our own comprehensive custom golf club fitting process, the TECfit.

See the short video below:

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  1. During a club fitting, if one of the clubs used to hit balls ISN’T Titleist, would that mean Titleist wouldn’t come up in as one of the clubs best suited for my swing?

    • Mason, no – if one of the clubs that is best suited for your swing is a Titleist iron, it will appear as one the “Best Fit” clubs during the fitting regardless of what you have hit during the fitting to that point.


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