The GolfTEC SwingTRU Motion Study is the most comprehensive fact-based study of the golf swing ever conducted. 

By GolfTEC Digital

CENTENNIAL, Colo. – GolfTEC, the world leader in instruction, released an unprecedented study of the golf swing this week that factually reinforces the guiding principles leading to over 6 million lessons and a 96 percent success rate.Position_HipTurnImpact_500x500

Sampling 48 different body motions from over 13,000 golfers of all abilities, the GolfTEC SwingTRU Motion Study identifies key body positions within the swing that directly correlate to handicap level. Six positions are highlighted in the study that illustrate some of the most direct correlation between low- and high-handicap golfers. These six positions are also some of the most misunderstood measurements in golf.

Check out the videos below for an overview of the GolfTEC SwingTRU Motion Study, and click HERE for more information.

What is the GolfTEC SwingTRU Motion Study?

Highlighted Position: Hip Sway – Top 

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