Our Student Success series takes an inside look at real GolfTEC students and the Certified Personal Coaches helping them improve.

By GolfTEC Digital

First coming to GolfTEC in 2003, respected Denver-area anesthesiologist, David Theil, wanted to improve his game but needed a place that could work around his busy and unpredictable schedule, while still delivering an uncompromising level of instruction and technology to get the job done.

Over 13 years later and still with GolfTEC, our Student Success series picks up with an inside look at David’s passionate journey with the game and how he continues to break new barriers with Certified Personal Coach, Brian Byrd. Through a key understanding that it takes hard work, dedication and unwavering trust in Brian’s fact-based guidance — even though his mind naturally tends to question new ideas — this powerful student-coach duo have developed an impressive bond, both professionally and on a personal level, showing just how much pride both of them take in David’s game.

Check out the short video below:


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