From 2013 to ’15, World No. 1 Jason Day converted on 986 of 986 3-foot putts. Here’s how to be just as automatic on your short putts …

By GolfTEC Digital

That stat is no lie and it’s no coincidence the world’s No. 1-ranked golfer is dialed in on his short putts from 3 feet.

Since the beginning of the 2014 PGA Tour season through this year’s U.S. Open, Day has made an incredible 99.84 percent – that’s 1,280 of 1,282 – of his 3-foot putts. That means he’s missed just two putts since the last time we saw Tiger Woods play a full PGA Tour season!

Since short putts like a 3-footer can make or break any golfer’s round, we’ve brought in GolfTEC’s Director of Teaching Quality, Patrick Nuber, to demonstrate a drill that can make you as automatic as the World No. 1.

To begin, you’ll need two alignment sticks, a few golf balls, and a flat, 3-foot putt line.

You will then place each alignment stick one inch outside the edge of the cup and proceed to hit 3-foot putts into the 3-foot putt drill toolscenter of the cup without touching either alignment stick. If you succeed, it means your putter face and angle are square to the target at impact, allowing for more consistency on the greens. Once you get more confident, try the same drill from farther out.

Check out the video drill below and start dropping your 3-foot putts with the confidence of Jason Day!

The Straight 3-Foot Putt Drill 

For more drills to improve your game, visit the GolfTEC Scramble or talk to your local GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach today!


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