The Random Practice technique will help you take it from the range to the course

By GolfTEC Digital

Congratulations, you’ve mastered the high draw with your trusty 7-iron. But there’s one problem: Once you get out on the course, those 30 straight striped shots from the range manifest into the old, frustrating slice once you get to your nemesis par-3 on the back nine.

Fact is, unless you’re Tin Cup on a mission to get into the U.S. Open, golf isn’t a game of successive 7-irons. It’s a game governed by constant change and adaptation, and rarely do two shots call for identical swings on the golf course. So, why are you practicing this way on the range?

While there’s a time and place for repetition (like when you’re putting the work to hone in that high draw in the first place), more closely emulating how golf is played on the range will do wonders for transferring your swing to the course.

So, GolfTEC’s Patrick Nuber is here with a simple way to break the mold of the same old, with his Random Practice Technique. This easy, but often overlooked practice method, can go a long way to seamlessly take your best stuff from the range to the golf course.

Check out his explanation in the video below:

The Random Practice technique:

As its name suggests, this idea of the Random Practice technique is fairly straightforward. When you step on the driving range, take out every club in your bag and proceed to hit your desired shot shape.

The only rule? You can’t use the same club two shots in a row.



Aside from using different clubs to help transfer your swing to the course, the Random Practice technique is also a great tool to visualize hitting these clubs on the holes you’re about to play, or on any given golf course if you’re playing somewhere new. The idea is to imagine specific intent with each shot to simulate a real round of golf as much as possible.

The result of your newfound ways? You’ll never look at practice the same way again.

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  1. Great idea! I like to simulate playing golf holes during practice. I’ll try this next. Overhead question. Why don’t more ranges provide for uneven lies on the practice tee? I get really good on flat lies. On the course I hardly ever get a flat lie!

  2. Great tip. One way that works for me is playing my home course on the range. 1st hole is driver 5 iron then putting if I hit those shots well, driver 5 Iron wedge if the second shot is off. Play through 18 holes adjusting your club choice accordingly.


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