The Up & Down Short Game Drill will bring the element of play to your practice

By GolfTEC Digital

We all know practice in golf can get boring sometimes. So much so, that we maybe even sometimes skimp on doing the work it takes to get better. Especially when it comes to the short game.

The problem is this shows up when we’re on the golf course in the form of extra strokes on the card. *Especially* when it comes to the short game. So, GolfTEC’s Patrick Nuber is here to bring an element of the real thing to your practice with an easy short game drill, making your time practicing more fun and the skills you’ll hone beneficial to your scorecard.

Take a look at his Up & Down Short Game Drill below, and bring the element of “play” to your practice to master your short game skills. 

VIDEO: Up & Down Short Game Drill to master your greenside skills

What you’ll need:

  • Short game practice area
  • Four golf balls
  • Clubs for a chip shot, pitch shot, lob shot, bunker shot and putter

How to practice:

  • Hit your choice of a chip shot, pitch shot, lob shot and bunker shot
  • Putt out each of the four and add up your total score. Par for each hole is 2, or a four-hole total of 8
  • Challenge yourself with this game multiple times in succession, increasing the difficulty of each shot after you’re able to complete the four-hole stretch with an under-par total

Short game drill up and down game hero

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