The 2017 Mizuno Golf Equipment line: Our favorite Mizuno club lineup yet!

By Nick Miller

Every fall we get really excited here at GolfTEC because we know one thing is on its way — Mizuno Golf’s latest club lineup. This year is no different, and we have to say their new equipment caught our attention from the very first glance!

The 2017 Mizuno club lineup features a broad spectrum of equipment that can benefit golfers of truly any skill level. Headlining the new Mizuno equipment is the JPX 900 family. The JPX lineup features the next generation of the JPX family of irons, Mizuno’s top seller for the past two years. Below we’ll introduce you to each model of irons, including the Tour, Forged and Hot Metal irons as part of the JPX 900 set.

Spoiler alert: All of the JPX 900 club designs are AWESOME, and there is truly an iron in this club family for every level of player.

2017 Mizuno T7 WedgesRounding out the first wave of the 2017 Mizuno clubs is the all new T7 wedge, bringing durability in a wedge like never before. The T7 wedge is forged with Boron to prevent fast wear on the grooves. While the S5 wedge with its silhouette shape from last year will remain, the all new T7 wedge offers golfers a wedge with more of a teardrop shape profile that has been ever more popular amongst professionals and elite players. Just ask Luke Donald, who put these in his bag right after he hit them.

We were huge fans of the 2016 clubs Mizuno released. But when Mizuno recently visited GolfTEC HQ with their new 2017 golf equipment line, we could tell this is a special lineup.

Check out our in-hand photos of the 2017 Mizuno golf clubs below:

There’s a reason people say, “Nothing feels like a Mizuno,” and this new equipment is sure to generate quite a few new Mizuno players.

JPX 900 Irons – Tour, Forged & Hot Metal

This year, the Mizuno iron lineup features three new models within the JPX 900 family – the JPX 900 Tour, JPX 900 Forged and JPX 900 Hot Metal. With the new JPX 900 irons, Mizuno kept the design philosophy the same as previous JPX irons — Speed and Futurity. The Next Generation creates a link across all handicap levels while delivering on that philosophy.

Here’s what makes this the most complete JPX lineup from top to bottom:

Mizuno JPX 900 Tour Irons

The JPX 900 Tour iron is the purest, most solid feeling iron in the line. They are Grain Flow Forged at Mizuno’s exclusive plant in Japan from a single billet of 1025E Pure Select Mild Carbon steel, providing incredible feel and distance control. What makes this player’s club unique is the combination of authentic feedback, with advanced stability in the club. Mass in the clubhead is pushed to the extreme corners of the club’s “Power Frame.”

The JPX 900 Tour offers an evolved look for a Mizuno player’s iron with a satin finish, straighter lines and a low toe profile, all of which accentuate its compact appearance. The result of this refined look is a more forgiving iron in a more compact head design than Mizuno’s MP-25 we saw last year.

Mizuno Senior Club Engineer, Chris Voshall, had this to say about the JPX 900 player’s club:

“The 900 Tour is a really surprising iron. Feel wise, it’s a genuine throwback Mizuno — incredibly pure at impact. But the straighter lines and reinforced framework are very current, giving the 900 Tour a really playable look and the ability to perform from off center strikes.” 

Stay tuned for our comparison of the JPX 900 Tour vs. the Mizuno MP-15 iron in the next few weeks, where we will put the forgiveness and playability of the new irons to the test.

Mizuno JPX 900 Forged Irons

The JPX 900 Forged iron is what Mizuno calls the “Game Changer.” It’s forged from Boron infused steel that’s stronger than ever before, ending the trade-off between precision and distance.

Boasting a milled pocket and new multi-thickness face, ball speeds are increased over a wider area on the clubface. And in a more compact profile than its predecessor, the 900 Forged breaks the rules with its incredible combination of forged feel, forgiveness and ball speed.

Much like the 900 Tour, the JPX 900 Forged features a Power Frame Design, pushing mass to the extreme corners of the club with a reinforced top line for a strong, powerful sound at impact. The sweet spot on this club is huge, coming in around 30 percent larger than many other comparable irons.

Mizuno’s Voshall had VERY positive comments about the JPX 900 Forged:

“If we could only make one iron for the world’s golfers to play – it would probably be the JPX 900 Forged. It’s beautifully shaped and compact enough for a tour player to throw in the bag. But also incredibly quick off the face and loses very little from miss-hits. There’s almost no compromise to make in any direction.” 

Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal Irons

The JPX 900 Hot Metal irons feature a new material in its steel — Chromoly 4140M.  Chromoly allows for both the thinnest face of any Mizuno club and 15 percent more strength in the design for the fastest ball speeds possible.

Because of the added strength of the Hot Metal irons, Mizuno was able to add a one-piece Cup Face Design, further enhancing ball speeds and ensuring miss-hits still fly to the target and feel right.

Voshall had this to say about the use of Chromoly in the JPX 900 Hot Metal irons:

“It’s great for a designer when a new material like Chromoly comes into play, as it opens up a world of new avenues for us. We’ve been looking for a material that gives a little more pop from the face, but without the hardness that stops us from bending the neck for custom fitting. Chromoly opened that door.”

We are lucky enough to be getting our hands on ALL of these unique clubs several days early, so be sure to stay tuned for more in-hand reviews and comparisons from us on Mizuno’s latest equipment.

As always, talk to your local GolfTEC Coach for more information about the 2017 Mizuno club lineup and to schedule a TECfit custom golf club fitting for the newest equipment in golf!


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