Meet our September Coach of the Month, Erin McCormack-Menath of GolfTEC Bellevue

By GolfTEC Digital

At GolfTEC, we know our outstanding success rate is fueled not only by groundbreaking, fact-driven analysis, but also by our world-class Certified Personal Coaches.

Every month we highlight one Coach who excels in his or her field to showcase the best part of our process. Last month, we introduced you to Jerred McKinney of GolfTEC Park Meadows in Englewood, Colo.

september coach of the month erin menath golftec teamThis month we’d like to introduce Class-A LPGA Professional, Erin McCormack-Menath of GolfTEC Bellevue, our September Coach of the Month!

A native of Carson City, Nev. with over 14 years of club-fitting and coaching, Erin has been with GolfTEC since 2011, teaching over 13,000 lessons to her students, including LPGA Tour players.

Her expertise doesn’t stop there, however, as Erin is TPI & Golf Biomechanics certified, and has been voted as Northern Nevada’s Best Golf Pro for five straight years!

To learn more about Erin’s coaching experience, take a look at the Q&A below and be sure to check back in October for her exclusive instructional article on the GolfTEC Scramble!

GolfTEC September Coach of the Month: Erin Menath

What drove you to become a GolfTEC Coach?

My parents met on the golf course, so naturally I had a club in my hands from a young age. Golf, however, wasn’t my primary sport growing up— I excelled in softball and volleyball — but I always knew golf was a sport I could fall back on.  When team sports became difficult to organize after graduating, golf quickly became my primary love. I joined the LPGA in 2005 after dropping my index from 15 to scratch in just one year. The LGPA has the most comprehensive teaching education program in the industry. It was there that I found my passion for helping others improve, and found GolfTEC as my ideal outlet to coach.

 “Erin has a wonderful ability to translate the language of golf. She is passionate, committed, provides tremendous encouragement and knows how to hold her students accountable … I highly recommend her. ”
– GolfTEC Bellevue student, Rodi G.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned as a GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach?

september coach of the month erin menath lesson

Engaging and connecting with my students on a personal level has allowed for open dialogue during lessons. I consider myself both a teacher and Coach. Teaching is done when a student is acquiring a new skill, but coaching is what happens after that skill has been learned. By forming a partnership in the process of learning, the student can excel at a greater pace. I’ve learned through this process students begin to own new skills, become comfortable with change, and accelerate skill acquisition.

What is your most memorable moment as a golf instructor?

One of the most recent moments was during a playing lesson with one of my junior golfers, Ivy. Not only did she begin CRUSHING the ball off the tee, but she also carded her first eagle! It was such a pleasure to be there to witness it.

What is your biggest student success story?

There are so many that come to mind — tournament championships, NCAA scholarships, aces, or career lows. That said, those successes are just as wonderful as the small wins that happen every day at GolfTEC. My favorite success stories are when the 25-handicapper finally breaks single-digits, when ball flight changes from a nasty slice to a beautiful push-draw, or when families bond over lessons and their joy for the game.

september coach of the month erin menath chambers bay

What is the biggest advantage for you teaching at GolfTEC compared to anywhere else? 

At GolfTEC, we have unparalleled retention tools. With these tools, our students consistently make greater progress than any outdoor experience I’ve witnessed. I’m able to teach to an individual’s learning style more efficiently that at any other facility. Instruction and coaching programs that allow for in-bay practice greatly inspire confidence in the moves we’re attempting to make.

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  1. I think you should recognize Wayne Sciscio of the Hanover NJ GolfTEC as one of GolfTEC’s best instructors. Wayne was my instructor from 2010-2016 (when I moved to San Diego), and my wife’s instructor from 2013-16.

    Wayne helped me tremendously. When I started lessons with Wayne it was a 50-50 chance whether I would break 100 – this after 40+ years golfing without any significant instruction. It’s now 50-50 whether I will break 80, and my best round is a 2-over 74 (achieved two weeks ago). My handicap index is now 5.0 and I have hopes of dropping it further.

    My wife took GolfTEC instruction in a different city from 2011-13 and barely improved. She changed to Wayne at my urging in 2013 and she made significant improvement, but I can’t report on her handicap improvement because she doesn’t keep one.

    It’s hard for me to imagine a more effective golf coach than Wayne. He is super-knowledgeable, personable, and helpful. I really think you ought to give him some well-deserved recognition.


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