Meet our October Coach of the Month, Chris Rogers of GolfTEC Natick

By GolfTEC Digital

At GolfTEC our world-class Certified Personal Coaches are the magic behind every Swing Evaluation, lesson and TECfit. Their work ethic and commitment to excellence has allowed us to teach millions of golf lessons worldwide, helping people play better golf every day.

So, every month we highlight one Coach who excels in his or her field to showcase the most valuable part of our teaching process.

Last month, we introduced you to Erin McCormack-Menath of GolfTEC Bellevue in Seattle, and this month we’re pleased to introduce Class-A PGA Professional, Chris Rogers, of GolfTEC Natick — our October Coach of the Month!coach month october golftec chris rogers st. andrews

A Penn State alumnus with a degree in PGA Management, Chris is a native of Attleborough, Massachusetts. He has taught nearly 3,000 golf lessons at GolfTEC since 2015, and has experience working at world-renowned golf destinations such as The Country Club (Brookline, Mass.) and Whistling Straits (Koehler, Wis.).

To learn more about Chris’ coaching experience, take a look at the Q&A below and be sure to check back soon for his exclusive instructional article on the GolfTEC Scramble!

GolfTEC October Coach of the Month: Chris Rogers

What drove you to become a GolfTEC Coach?

The love of the game. I fell in love with golf at the age of 5, and I have been playing ever since. I love sharing my passion for the game with others. Also, I understand how hard golf can be, but how rewarding and fun it can be as well. I enjoy making golf fun for everyone by helping them play better.

 ““Chris is very enthusiastic, positive and physically shows me how to make the move! He breaks things down into small steps I can master individually.” 
– GolfTEC Natick student, Bill N.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned as a GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach?

I’ve discovered that not all people learn the same way, and different people respond well to a wide range of training/instruction techniques. Some learn by spoken word, some visually, and others by demonstration or any combination to the above. You have to tailor your teaching style to your clients’ learning style in order to help them understand the changes that have to be made and how to make them.

What is your most memorable moment as a golf instructor?

I can’t pick just one, and there have been many clients that have come back to me with career low rounds. But what means the most to me is seeing the smiles and happiness on their faces when they tell me about something great that happened. Whether it’s a career low round or the best shot they’ve ever hit, I can see and hear the enthusiasm. That always brings a smile to my face.

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What is your biggest student success story?

My biggest success story would have to be with one of my junior clients. She came to me in January of 2015 having barely played golf. She had never kept score, nor even knew how to keep score. Fast forward a year and a half, and she made the boys high school varsity golf team and shot her career low round of 88.

What is the biggest advantage for you teaching at GolfTEC compared to anywhere else? 

To me, the video feedback in both lessons and student practice sessions are a huge benefit for me and the student. Slowing down and stopping the video at different points in the swing makes it much easier for me to identify faults and decipher needed changes. I also notice our video system helps the student see a swing fault and understand why a change is necessary, which is a big intangible that makes teaching and learning at GolfTEC such a great thing.

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