Best of 2016: We list the top five celebrity appearances on the GolfTEC Scramble this year

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Our ‘Best of 2016’ series has named the GolfTEC Scramble’s top short game tips, equipment stories and long game drills appearing this year. There’s no doubt we’ve covered an incredible range of content that helps people play better golf.

But our year-end recap series doesn’t stop there, because 2016 also saw an impressive cast of golf celebrities visit with GolfTEC at the PGA Merchandise Show in January. So take a look at our top five celebrity appearances of the year below, and be in awe – as we are – with the bonus video accompanying our No. 2 pick!

Best of 2016: Top 5 celebrity appearances

5.  Lydia Ko

As nice as Lydia Ko seems on camera, she’s doubly this nice in person. We were impressed with Ko’s poise and perspective. Especially considering her young age (18 years old at the time) and pressure-packed position as World No. 1 in the women’s game. If you watch this video for only one reason, it should be for the message she sends to young golfers who strive to be like her one day, which is to make sure you enjoy yourself and have fun on the golf course!

4.  Roger Cleveland

No matter which make of wedges you play, you can pretty much attribute legendary club-maker, Roger Cleveland, as the man responsible for the underlying modern design of your clubs. The founder of Cleveland Golf, now at the helm of Callaway Golf’s wedge designs, visited with Jon Levy at the PGA Show to discuss how Phil Mickelson inspired the design of their versatile PM Grind wedges.

3.  Annika Sorenstam

Annika Sorenstam is still the penultimate ambassador to the game of golf even though her competitive playing days are long over. Jon Levy caught up with her about how she continues to give back with her Annika Foundation, what she considers as the top three moments of her storied professional golf career, and the single most important piece of advice she has for amateur golfers to improve their golf games.

2.  Jamie Sadlowski

In an embarrassing moment Jon Levy will never live down with his peers at GolfTEC, Canadian hockey player turned long drive champion, Jamie Sadlowski, discusses the makeup of his Callaway drivers at PGA Show Demo Day before taking Levy down in a short-lived long drive competition of their own. While Sadlowski winning is of course be expected, the impressive part is that he did it on his first try with a 2-iron!

Here’s a slo-mo video of his 288-yard bomb-of-a-2-iron, showing exactly how much of a beast this guy is:

1.  Bubba

Bubba Watson talking pink drivers and how he prepares for the Masters. Does it get any better? Our No. 1 celebrity appearance of the 2016 is more than deserving of the title, especially because we’ll never get tired of hearing Bubba talk about “indentions” and “dink cuts” that travel 300 yards plus.


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