Best of 2016: Our series concludes with the top five golf instruction articles of the year 

By GolfTEC Digital

It’s been an incredible year at GolfTEC, and we’re grateful for the thousands of students we’ve had the opportunity to help with their golf improvement goals.

We’re also proud of our accomplishments here on the GolfTEC Scramble in 2016, because we’ve experienced an amazing year of educational and entertaining content. So, in a look back at our best of the best this year we’ve provided a variety of categories with everything from our top short game tips, equipment stories and long game drills, to some of the most memorable celebrity appearances.

We conclude our series by returning to the foundation of great golf instruction that has led GolfTEC to become the world leader in golf lessons. So without further adieu, look at our top five instructional articles below and stay tuned for more great content on the GolfTEC Scramble in 2017!

Best of 2016: Top 5 golf instruction articles

5.  Rickie Fowler’s spin loft and your tee shots

GEARS Comparison Data

Just what exactly is “spin loft” and why is Rickie Fowler’s important to your tee shots? Patrick Nuber answers these questions in his article, and provides a practical application to some pretty heady golf science principles that can help your golf game.

4.  Why proper hip movement is crucial to your swing

Proper hip movement hero

Chubbs from Happy Gilmore famously said, “it’s all in the hips.” We couldn’t agree more! The initial release of our SwingTRU Motion Study in April proved the way a golfer’s hips move in the golf swing directly correlates to different skill levels. Patrick Nuber explains and gives a simple drill that can dramatically help your ball striking with the aid of improved hip movement.

3.  Course Management: Aim small to your biggest target

Golf course management techniques to shoot lower scores

You’ve dialed in your swing to produce that tight, little draw on command. Which is great! But all of that hard work can go to waste if you don’t know how to manage your game on the course. So take a look at Josh McKinley’s simple course management tips to help minimize common management mistakes, and you’ll start saving more strokes than you ever realized you were losing.

2.  Two keys (and drills) for more distance

Downswing Sequence GolfTEC

Most golfers want to hit the ball farther – that’s no secret. But how to make that happen can seem like the most heavily guarded information in the world. So Rob Oxley simplifies the age-old distance conundrum with two foundational principles and drills to add the distance you’ve always desired.

1.  Golf Science: Know golf ball flight laws to improve your swing

Our No. 1 article of 2016 targets a key principle at the core of GolfTEC instruction since 1995. Understanding golf ball flight laws – the geometric cause and effect of how the ball flies after it’s struck – can go a long way to knowing why you hit that slice or hook, and therefore how to fix it. This component of golf is especially important because these “laws” were incorrectly theorized for years, and have only recently been proven to be nearly the exact opposite due to emerging technologies like Trackman. Not sure what we’re talking about? Neither are the vast majority of golfers, including many of the world’s best! This is why you NEED to watch how we break down golf ball flight laws in a piece that finally makes sense of a confusing topic.


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