Meet our December Coach of the Month, Doug Smith of GolfTEC West Plano

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At GolfTEC, our world-class Certified Personal Coaches are what separates us from the pack. Their commitment to excellence has allowed us to teach millions of golf lessons worldwide, helping people play better golf every day.

Each month we highlight one Coach who excels in his or her field to showcase the most valuable part of our teaching process. We last introduced you to Chris Rodgers of GolfTEC Natick, and this month we’re pleased to introduce PGA Professional Doug Smith of GolfTEC West Plano!doug smith coach of the month

A native of Ontario, Canada, Doug moved to the United States in 1995 and is a proud cum laude graduate of the Arizona State University PGM program. Since starting at GolfTEC in 2013, he has taught over 4,000 lessons at our West Plano location.

We recently sat down with Doug to learn more about his coaching experience, so take a look at our Q&A with him below!

GolfTEC December Coach of the Month: Doug Smith

What drove you to become a GolfTEC Coach?

What drove me to become a coach is my passion for teaching. I love the technical side of the swing and have always been intrigued with how to body moves in space, so GolfTEC was a natural fit.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned as a GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach?

That you can’t ever stop learning about the golf swing. The great part about GolfTEC is that we use real-time data and analysis, so we are able to alter our teaching methods to each and every student, based on exactly what they’re doing at that exact moment.

 “Doug taught me patience that I never had when playing golf. We developed a strategy for approach shots and green reading, and I’m shooting lower scores than ever before.” 

– GolfTEC West Plano student, Cordell

What is your most memorable moment as a golf instructor?

I’ve had so many as a GolfTEC Coach. One of the most recent is when one of my students broke 100 for the first time, despite playing the game for less than two years. To see that kind of dramatic improvement in someone is inspiring for both them and me.

December coach of the month 2016

What is your biggest student success story?

I have a student who started at around a 36 handicap, and after working with me for just under a year, he got down to a 28 and continues to trend lower! He’s had a lot of breakthroughs with his game, including breaking 100 for the first time and all but eliminating those dreaded blow-up holes. I’m excited to see him continue to get better and better.

What is the biggest advantage for you teaching at GolfTEC compared to anywhere else? 

There are a ton of advantages at GolfTEC— our technology, facilities, club fitting … the list goes on — but by far the most important advantage at GolfTEC compared to anywhere else is how we structure lesson plans for each individual student based on their goals and needs. It’s this systematic approach that allows us to see such consistent success with our students time after time.


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