From a golfer with 30 years of experience to a 14-year-old, here’s how we make learning simple

By GolfTEC Digital

We’ve made it our objective at GolfTEC this year to more clearly illustrate how we’ve become the world leader in golf instruction, and why, after millions of lessons taught, we’re able to boast a 96-percent student success rate.

From initiatives like our SwingTRU Motion Study to making sense of golf’s ball flight laws and the biggest myths in the game, we’ve admittedly given it our best shot. Which is why we’re back to cap off the year with two new Student Success stories – the GolfTEC lesson journeys of Tim G and 14-year-old Jimmy.

While these two golfers are at different ends of the spectrum with the game, the common denominator they share at GolfTEC – our mission with every student – is an easy-to-understand, clearly defined learning process. So, take a look at their stories below, and gain a little more insight into what it’s like to be a student at GolfTEC! 

VIDEO: Tim brings home some coveted trophies

A 30-year veteran of the game, Tim came to GolfTEC looking to step up his skills in competition so he could bring home the hardware that’s eluded him for years. So he started working with Coach Jerred McKinney at GolfTEC Park Meadows, and after some dedicated practice and a set game plan he’s followed loyally, this proud GolfTEC student has a few new pieces of bling to show off.

We’ll let Tim explain the rest …

VIDEO: Jimmy makes his high school team

Fourteen-year-old Jimmy had played golf for a few years before coming to GolfTEC, but he started with the world leader in golf instruction after reaching high school with designs of making the varsity golf squad.

It’s there where he found coach Ryan Husted, who not only helped Jimmy find a better golf swing (it’s really impressive!) and make his team, but to also have fun and be confident along the way.

Check out how Jimmy and Coach Ryan approach getting better at GolfTEC, and let it be a lesson to all of us to have this much fun with the game!


Facebook Live video of a GolfTEC lesson

Student Success: Marci and Coach Steve

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