Joe Assell’s live hit on ‘Morning Drive’ gave insight into GolfTEC’s ambitious road ahead

By GolfTEC Digital

As noted by our recount of last week’s PGA Merchandise Show, it was an incredible – and exhausting – week at the golf industry’s largest annual gathering in Orlando.

Aside from the action-packed week of product exploration and rubbing elbows with some of golf’s biggest celebrities, though, there was serious business at hand. The PGA Show is, after all, the epicenter of a $70 billion dollar industry. This means golf’s best and brightest minds were in attendance, and some heady decisions were made considering golf’s future.

Among industry heavy hitters onsite was our own CEO, Joe Assell, who was asked by Golf Channel to appear Friday on their hit series, ‘Morning Drive.’

Cup of Joe: Golf Channel's Morning Drive at the 2017 PGA Show
The stage of Golf Channel’s ‘Morning Drive’ at the PGA Show, where CEO Joe Assell awaits a live hit with host Damon Hack.

Watch Joe’s interview with host Damon Hack below, as he provides insight into the bright and ambitious road ahead for the world’s largest golf instruction company.

One aspect of note coming for GolfTEC in 2017? Rapidly accelerated growth in our club fitting and merchandise business. But that’s just the start – we’ll let Joe explain the rest …

VIDEO: Joe Assell appears on ‘Morning Drive’

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