Can’t take your swing from the range to the course? Flip the script with this warmup routine

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There’s little more frustrating in golf than when you’ve found your groove on the range, but then to get to the first tee and lose any and all feel for the swing you had.

Which, of course, results in an errant tee shot into the woods and precursor for the rough round ahead.

Instead of continuing to relegate this odd phenomenon as being part of the game – and your game – though, let’s change your warmup routine and flip the script with your on-course performance!A warmup routine for better tee shots - use different clubs

The idea is simple: Instead of mind-numbingly pounding driver after driver in the minutes before you tee it, visualize the holes you’re about to play and hit the same clubs and tee shots ahead.

Even if you’re not getting ready to play and just on the range to practice, it can help to visualize tee shots on your favorite course and go through your routine as if you’re actually hitting them.

This means to take the exact same clubs you’d normally hit, then go through your normal pre-shot routine and create the on-course experience as much as possible.

As you practice in this manner consistently, you may just be amazed how much it can help your performance with the real thing and create a seamless transition from the range to the golf course. Wouldn’t that be nice!

So check out Patrick Nuber’s Tee Shot Practice Program in the video below, and start nailing that drive right down the middle on the first hole just like you do on the range!

VIDEO: A warmup routine for better tee shots


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