You may be missing putts because the path of your stroke needs help. Try the Path Drill

By GolfTEC Digital

Putting in golf is just one of those things.

It’s finicky, at best, because it can seem like the slightest change in setup, stroke or even what you ate for breakfast can be the difference between holing everything or digging a hole on your scorecard. That’s why it’s often a good idea to practice with drills, aids and set objectives to keep your stroke on track.

One useful drill to help putting stroke path is the Path Drill, which can help those who have strokes that are too far from in to out or out to in.

Gate Drill for putting stroke path
The stroke on the left shows a path that’s significantly in to out (right of target), and the stoke on the right shows a path that’s significantly out to in (left of target). The visual and physical aids of the Path Drill can help both.

GolfTEC’s Patrick Nuber has all the details of the Path Drill in the short videos below, so check them out and improve your putting stroke path to start making more putts!

VIDEO: Path Drill for a stroke too far in to out

VIDEO: Path Drill for a stroke too far out to in

Not sure if this drill is right for you? Find a GolfTEC near you and talk to a Coach today!

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