Hear from GolfTEC Coaches on why a solid plan and fact-based instruction are vital to improving

By GolfTEC Digital

Ball flight laws fact based instructionExploring golf lessons can seem like a daunting task.

Where do you start? How many do you need? How do you know you’re taking them from the right instructor?

It’s questions like these that keep many from ever actually diving in.

The subsequent effect, unfortunately, is that many golfers never get better. Or, even worse, they try fixing their swing issues on their own and get lost in a never-ending spiral of confusion and frustration.

So we’re here to provide a little clarity after talking to some of our top Certified Personal Coaches at a recent GolfTEC gathering.

Suffice it to say, what they said may surprise you, especially if you’re on the fence about taking lessons at GolfTEC or don’t fully understand our platform of “fact-based instruction.” In any case, check out our short video below because the three minutes watching it may just guide you toward you best golf season yet.

VIDEO: Why take GolfTEC lessons?


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  1. Well after an evaluation then one follow up lesson so far my coach has dramatically changed my stance and grip which actually resulted in hitting 13 greens off the box on our executive course.
    Of course there was 2 weeks of practice swings in my living room .
    I must say the technical aspects he showed was the difference along with going home and reviewing my lesson on my TV. Cant wait for lesson 2.
    John p.


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