Instead of compounding the issue when in the woods, employ these golf trouble shot basics 

By GOLFTEC Digital

Golf trouble shot basics - address tips
Keys to ensure a low, driving shot back to safety include moving the handle higher and more forward, and ball back in your stance.

Einstein said insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” 

It’s a valid point. One that can be applied to many parts of life – and golf.

So, why, then, do you keep gunning for that hero, “let’s-thread-it-through-that-gap-in-the-trees” 7-iron EVERY SINGLE TIME you’re faced with a difficult trouble shot?

We’re here to say it’s time to stop the insanity!

In the video below, Patrick Nuber shares some important messages on golf trouble shot basics that can save your sanity – and your scorecard.

The first key to understand is that the go-for-broke approach you’ve been using rarely works. It’s likely that, more often than not, at least some of those unwanted strokes on your scorecard come from poor course management decisions like “going for it.”

Once you’ve swallowed that pill, it starts with assessing the shot at hand and plotting your best option, then choosing the right club and making some slight adjustments to get the ball back out safely into the fairway.

Take a look and use Nuber’s Golf Trouble Shot Basics for the full story, and learn to avoid those big numbers when faced with those less-than-ideal situations on the golf course! 

VIDEO: Golf Trouble Shot Basics


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