The Pre-Round Putting Warmup Exercise helps to develop a feel for the greens before you play

By GOLFTEC Digital

Golfers will often take a few minutes on the practice tee to hit a few balls and loosen up before they play a round of golf.

Which is great.

When it comes to putting, however, many skip over the practice green or hit just a few randomly chosen putts in the final moments before they tee it.

Which, considering of the extra on-course time it can take to develop a feel for the greens and your putting stroke that day, may not be so great.

So, instead of ignoring your putting in this manner – assuming you may have been guilty of this a time or two in your golfing life – use the Pre-Round Putting Warmup Exercise as offered by Patrick Nuber in the video below to ensure you develop a solid feel for greens before you tee off!

VIDEO: The Pre-Round Putting Warmup Exercise


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