Hit more greens with this pre-round warmup exercise routine for the driving range

By GolfTEC Digital

The summer is in full swing, which means your golf swing probably is as well.

When it comes to the finer parts of the game like course management and mental approach, though, there’s ALWAYS room for improvement – no matter how well you’re striping your 7-iron.

A few months ago, we offered an effective tip to help you with those opening tee shots in this vein, and we returned last week with an exercise for the practice putting green to get a feel for the greens before you play.

Well, we’re back to complete the trifecta with an exercise to help you hit more greens!

In the below video, Patrick Nuber illustrates the Approach Shot Practice Program, which – similar to the aforementioned Tee Shot Practice Program – consists of hitting specific clubs to focused targets that mimic what you’ll face on the golf course.

It’s a simple exercise to master, and can be effective for better, more consistent iron play on the course. So, take a look and use the Approach Shot Practice Program before you tee off and dial in those approach shots!

VIDEO: The Approach Shot Practice Program


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