GOLFTEC’s Jon Levy & Dave Pauley square off in a long drive duel – each using a vintage Ping maplewood driver

By GOLFTEC Digital

It’s one thing to test the most innovative, technologically-advanced drivers in the game such as the Ping G400 driver, which GOLFTEC’s Jon Levy and Dave Pauley did this summer at Ping Headquarters.

But what about those old-school, hit-it-on-the-screws wooden drivers, which we as a golfing society have all but forgotten? Remember those?

We do – and we did, while we were in Phoenix this summer reviewing the Ping G400.

Ping Maplewood Driver Challenge

Yes, we asked Ping if they had any vintage models laying around to hit a few shots with, and what ensued – other than Ping’s regret from saying “yes” and our newfound respect for how much technology has improved – was a long drive duel for the ages.

That said, watch below as Levy and Pauley duke it out in the Ping Maplewood Driver Challenge!

VIDEO: The Ping Maplewood Driver Challenge

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