As seen on Golf Channel: There’s a reason many golfers want to hit a draw – it can help lower your scores!

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Playing a round of army golf (left-right-left) hardly ever produces Wall-of-Fame-worthy scores. Of course, neither does a consistent shot that slices into the right rough.

In fact, out of 50,000-plus GOLFTEC students polled on typical shot shape, those with “inconsistent” or “slice” patterns tend to shoot significantly higher scores than those with a “draw” pattern. So, feel free to “draw” your own conclusions if you wonder why we often talk about the importance of drawing the golf ball.

Draw your way to a lower score- Shot shape graphic

How to draw your golf shots

As illustrated in our piece about golf ball flight laws, the relationship between clubface and swing path has everything to do with how your ball flies.

Understanding wrist bends - flexed vs. extended lead wrist at the top

An important variable in this manner leading to those desirable push draw shots – shots that start to the right of the target and curve left – is the movement of the lead wrist.

For golfers that slice, the lead wrist often cups, or extends, in the backswing, which opens the clubface in comparison to swing path. So by learning to do the opposite – bowing, or flexing, the lead wrist in the backswing – the clubface turns more closed to swing path and is encouraged to remain that way through impact – the core component to hitting shots that draw.

GOLFTEC’s Patrick Nuber visited Golf Channel to discuss an effective starting point to consistently draw the ball, so take a look at the video below and talk to a GOLFTEC Coach who can help further!

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VIDEO: Draw your way to lower scores

If you’re not sure if this tip is for you, find a GOLFTEC near you and talk to a Coach today!

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  1. you never talked about the “push” part. It is easy to hit a pull-draw (a hook) by turning the face, but to push it out and drawing it back is quite different.

    • Brian: Getting the ball to push is really simple. If you want to the ball to draw and finish on target then we need to have the face aimed right when you hit. So, start with the face aimed to the right of the target at address. It is the easiest place to start. Think of it as just aiming the face in the direction you want the ball to start in. It is often taught that you have to aim the face at the target to start. There are hundreds of examples where elite golfers on tour don’t aim the face straight at the target at address.


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