Reduce those frustrating fat and thin shots by adjusting the position of your body and club handle at address

By GOLFTEC Digital

Proper hip movement chunked shotThere perhaps isn’t a worse feeling in golf than hitting that unexpected, earth-grabbing fat shot which sends your divot flying half as far as the ball.

Except when you do the opposite, and hit a thin one so out of control it whizzes angrily over the green into re-hit territory.

Fact is, neither of these mishits are fun for any golfer. And they certainly don’t help your scorecard.

So … if either of these shots frequents your game, it’s important to understand the common thread between them: the lack of ball-first or ball-before-ground contact.

Or, in other words, swinging in a manner where the ball is struck before the club’s arc bottoms out into the ground after impact. The opposite often occurs with both fat and thin golf shots.

Adjust body and club handle position for ball-first contact

To yield consistent, ground-after-ball contact, GOLFTEC’s Zach Lambeck is here with our latest TECTIP that focuses on two simple keys starting at your normal address position: Shifting your hips and butt of the club slightly forward, toward the line of your intended target. 

Of course, as with all of our tips and drills on the Scramble, this TECTIP isn’t meant as a cure-all for your ball striking. We encourage you to see a GOLFTEC Coach near you to get you on the road to lasting improvement.

But if you do consistently struggle with both fat and thin golf shots, some work to implement these two adjustments into your game will help these frustrating shots occur much less frequently. Check it out!

VIDEO: TECTIPS — Body Position for Ball-First Contact

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If you’re not sure if this tip is for you, find a GOLFTEC near you and talk to a Coach today!

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