As seen on Golf Channel: Use these key backswing checkpoints to start eliminating your dreadful slice 

By GOLFTEC Digital 

Backswing checkpoints to eliminate your sliceThere’s a reason we constantly talk about slicing here on the GOLFTEC Scramble: It’s the shot that plagues the vast majority of golfers!

Naturally, we want to help you send it packing. And while the best way to do this is to get your swing measured at a local GOLFTEC and work with a Coach, there are some key backswing checkpoints you can refer to as a good starting point to remedy the problem.

As seen on Golf Channel in the video below, Nick Clearwater discusses how, when your trail arm reaches parallel to the ground in the backswing, swinging the handle end of the club farther back behind you can lengthen your backswing and encourage that “in-to-out” path which leads to a pretty push draw.

Take a look and be sure to see a GOLFTEC Coach who can help you with this further!

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VIDEO: Backswing Checkpoints to Eliminate Your Slice

If you’re not sure if this tip is for you, find a GOLFTEC near you and talk to a Coach today!

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