As seen on Golf Channel: Slightly flaring out your feet at address can help you turn more and hit the ball farther

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Address the ball like a Pro- Address positionThere’s a lot you can learn from watching Tour pros every week. They have best swings on the planet, and who wouldn’t want to emulate the silky smooth move of Rory McIlroy?

Even though there might be a few differences between the average golfer’s swing and a four-time major champion like McIlroy, one major separator that often occurs before the ball is even struck in the address position.

Many pros in this manner flare their feet out slightly at address, as opposed to high-handicappers that often set up with their feet in a straight or “square” position that’s perpendicular to the target line.

Address the ball like a pro- after position

While the latter restricts turn and can even increase the chance for injury, slightly flaring your feet out at address (about 10 to 15 degrees) helps to free up your hips (and subsequently your shoulders) to turn more. As we’ve said many times before, more turn is a key ingredient to hitting the ball farther!

Point being, next time you’re glued the TV watching the best players in the world tee it up at the game’s highest level, watch how they set up with their feet and enjoy the benefits that can occur when you do the same in your own game.

VIDEO: Add ‘Flare’ at Address for More Distance

GOLFTEC’s Patrick Nuber gives a routine to properly flare your feet at address and add distance

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