As seen on Golf Channel: You don’t need to fix your golf swing before reaping benefits from custom club fitting

By GOLFTEC Digital

customized golf clubsDo lessons need to be taken before you go through a golf club fitting?

It’s one of the common, chicken-or-egg type questions we hear at GOLFTEC. But before we dive into some in-depth lecture to broach the subject, our answer is easy: Club fitting can only help you get better, no matter where you’re at with your game.

We’ve heard the counterarguments: “I should wait until I’m better at golf to get fitted.” And, “What if my swing changes after lessons and I need different clubs?” Not the mention the, “I’m not very good, so why should I spend all this money on new clubs?”

They’re all valid points. But our data backs up the fact that every golfer can gain benefits now – like more distance and tighter dispersion – from properly fitted equipment. As such, we don’t recommend waiting to take lessons before buying fitted golf clubs.

Our club fitting results speak for themselves

In the case of many golfers our Coaches work with – both those who have taken lessons and those who haven’t – their off-the-rack golf clubs are often ill-fitted and hold back their ability to play their best.

As you can see in the chart below, the average improvements seen after a club fitting at GOLFTEC are significant. Properly fitted equipment yields significant gains in ball speed, distance and dispersion that can make a huge difference in anyone’s golf game.

golftec tecfit review improvements

Adjustable clubs grow with your swing changes

lessons before buying fitted golf clubsAdvancements in golf club design, and specifically the adjustability of many clubs on the market today, make it easier than ever to keep your clubs optimized as your golf swing changes from lessons.

For instance, lies and lofts of irons and wedges can be adjusted easily on our Training Center machines. And changing your driver’s or fairway metals’ lofts and draw/fade bias is as simple as twisting a screw.

Invest in your improvement!

Haven’t gotten our point yet?

If you really want to improve, there’s a lot of value in properly fitted equipment before, during and after any swing changes you make from golf lessons.

So if you’ve been wondering whether you need lessons before fitted clubs, it’s not necessary. The combination of both is really the best way to shoot lower scores.

VIDEO: What’s First: Lessons or Club Fitting?

If you’re ready to purchase fitted golf clubs, schedule a TECFIT at a local GOLFTEC today! 

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