Five GOLFTEC Coaches earn a place on Golf Digest’s prestigious ‘Best Young Teachers in America’ list

By GOLFTEC Digital

Top Young Teachers in America- Golf DigestAt GOLFTEC, our charge is to help people play their best golf despite the game’s challenges. It would be an impossible mission, if not for the dedication of 650-plus Coaches who operate 200 GOLFTEC Training Centers across the world.

Considering passionate and talented Coaches are our backbone, we’re especially proud to recognize five who have been named Golf Digest 2018-19 ‘Best Young Teachers in America.’

To make the list, Golf Digest gathered nominations from tour players and previously recognized best-in-state and nationally ranked golf instructors. The nominees were then asked to demonstrate their ability to simplify the complexities of learning golf and, upon doing so and passing the rigors of Golf Digest’s elite standards, the biennial awards were doled out.

Congratulations to the five 2018-19 honorees below who represent a resourceful, interconnected team of GOLFTEC Coaches around the world!

Golf Digest 2018-19 ‘Best Young Teachers in America’ from GOLFTEC

Steve LippincottSteve Lippincott, PGA

Regional Manager, Director of Instruction

GOLFTEC Westshore, Tampa, Fla.


Patrick NuberPatrick Nuber, PGA

Director of Teaching Quality

GOLFTEC Headquarters, Denver, Colo.


Nicholas PelleNick Pelle, PGA

Center Manager, Director of Instruction

GOLFTEC Minnetonka, Plymouth, Minn.


Brad SkupakaBrad Skupaka, PGA

Director of Teaching Quality

GOLFTEC Headquarters, Denver, Colo.


Doug StrawbridgeDoug Strawbridge, PGA

Regional Manager, Director of Instruction

GOLFTEC Upper Kirby, Houston, Texas


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  1. Good morning. As much as I applaud the 5 teachers, I think you have missed SO MANY great Canadian Golftec teachers. I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and thanks to your Conner McGill, the minor changes he made to my game were amazing. Conner is a former Assistant Pro in Saskatchewan and not only does he possess the skill of a professional golfer, he can clearly articulate the necessary swing changes. He helped me lower my handicap by 3 strokes this season and I fully intend to keep working with Conner so that I can become a single digit handicap in 2019. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    • Hi Blaine,

      It’s so great to hear about all the progress you’ve made with your Coach, Conner! Unfortunately, this list was compiled by Golf Digest of the Best Young Teachers in the US. Keep up the all the hard work and we know you’ll reach that single digit handicap this upcoming year!

  2. Good morning

    we are preparing to spend some winter time in the Mesa Arizona area in Dec and would like to know if you can recommend one of your instructors and training sites in that area.

    Thanks. Paul De Costa

  3. Brad Barnes and I set a goal of 6 when I started with him this spring. I began as a 12. On 11/1 my index was 5.9. When we set it, I thought it was too low, but we set it there anyway. Brad did a great job and didn’t try to fix all my problems at once. Super job of meeting the player ‘where they are.’

    He worked at the Buckhead /Atlanta location when we began, but recently was moved to Fix creek in Marietta.

    • Hi Tommy,

      This is amazing! Great work from both you and your coach. Keep it up and we can’t wait to see that index go even lower!

  4. Given that you are in Canada too I feel like you missed the awards boat on announcing my GOLFTEC coach to your winners list! He is Dakota Chase. An accomplished golfer in his own right. A skilled instructor from Ontario, teaching here on the west coast in Richmond B.C. In just 14 weeks this 24 year old has helped me develop skills about golf that have enhanced my enjoyment of this great game. Knocking 4 strokes off my index! Strolling on the course rather than fearfully treading down the fairways. Dakota is I am proud to say ‘my guy’ when it comes to golf instruction. And who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks! At 70 years young I’m proof of that!

    • Hi Tom,

      We’re so glad to hear about your improvements and it sounds like you and Dakota are making tremendous progress! Unfortunately, this list was compiled by Golf Digest of the Best Young Teachers in the US. But keep up your hard work with Dakota and we can’t wait to see your index to continue to drop!


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