Ping G410 irons embody the same game improvement properties of G700 irons in smaller head, with better feel

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Ping G410 iron- qrt turn
Ping G410 irons

Apart from a true blade or maximum game improvement club, the M.O. of today’s irons is better looks, better feel, more forgiveness and more distance.

Granted, that’s not hard to glean because virtually every iron an OEM has front and center touts those characteristics.

Ping Golf, though, has never been a company to follow trends. They set them, if anything, which is easily evidenced with the many Anser-style putters, perimeter-weighted irons and high toe wedges flooded across the marketplace today.

But there’s a time to lead and a time to follow.

With the new G410 irons, Ping has jumped on the looks, feel, forgiveness and distance train – but they’ve done it the Ping way. Ping has engineered big time improvements into its mid-level game improvement model by packing the same technologies of the G700 max improvement iron into a body that looks and feels more like the Ping i210 players iron.

Take a look at the videos, in-hand images and details below for a full overview of Ping G410 irons, hybrids and Crossovers – including an on-course review of Ping G410 irons and other clubs in the 2019 Ping line!

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VIDEO: Ping G410 Irons Overview

VIDEO: Ping G410 Hybrids & Crossovers Overview

VIDEO: Ping G410 Woods & Irons On-Course Review

GALLERY: Ping G410 Irons & Hybrids

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G410 Irons

Ping G410 iron- backEnsuring the distance demands of today’s golfer while advancing Ping’s reputation for making the most-forgiving irons available, the G410 iron is a compact design engineered for golfers who prefer a blade-style look with the performance of a game-improvement model.

Re-shaping Distance and Forgiveness

Ping’s engineering team created a face and cavity structure in the G410 iron that delivers faster ball speeds and saves weight to expand the perimeter weighting. The additional weight savings are concentrated in the toe and hosel to achieve an 8 percent increase in the moment of inertia (MOI) for more forgiveness and consistency.

Ping G410 SFT iron- face technology
Ping G410 irons- COR-Eye

The more flexible, free-moving face amplifies ball speeds for greater distance and higher max height, allowing golfers to hit less club into the green with the control and precision to hold the putting surface. This is achieved by de-coupling the weighting structure from the face to create a larger flexing zone, which performs like a hinge to launch the ball faster and higher with consistency and predictability. The next generation of COR-Eye technology powers the performance in conjunction with the patented cascading sole design and deep rail undercut.

High Marks for Look, Feel and Sound

The clean, refined shape of the G410 iron results from a slightly shorter blade length and 10 percent less offset compared to the G400 iron, creating an inspiring blade-iron-style look with broad appeal. Its resilient hydropearl 2.0 finish provides an attractive appearance and contributes to smooth turf interaction. The full-cavity, co-molded aluminum and elastomer badge delivers a powerful, reassuring feel and sound.

Precision-Milled Wedge Grooves

Ping G410 SFT iron- face

Using an extremely precise wheel-cut milling process first developed by Ping’s engineering and manufacturing teams for the Glide 2.0 wedge series, the grooves on the G410 PW, UW, SW and LW are precision machined with a sharper edge radius, increasing interaction with the cover of the ball at impact and creating more friction for improved spin and trajectory control.

*Ping G410 irons offered 4-LW with D0 (4-8), D0.5 (9), D2 (PW-UW), D3 (SW) and D4 (LW) swing weights
*Stock shafts offerings include Alta CB Red Graphite (SR 65g, R 72g, S 82g) and AWT 2.0 (R 98g, S 104g, XS 119g)

Ping G410 irons retail starting at $125/club (steel), $137.50/club (graphite) and hit shelves on March 7

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G410 Crossovers

With a thin, maraging steel face for faster ball speeds and a 30-gram dual-density tungsten toe weight to increase the MOI, the G410 Crossover combines the precision and control of an iron with the speed and forgiveness of a hybrid. Available in 2, 3 and 4, the stainless steel head sets up square and offers a clean, premium look with the gearing properties of an iron to allow precision shot making. To ensure a solid feel and sound, the internal ribs are engineered to help stiffen the clubhead body. Available in 10 color codes (lie angles).

2 (17˚)
Lie: 58.1˚
Length: 40.375″
Swing weight: D1

3 (20˚)
Lie: 59˚
Length: 39.75″
Swing weight: D1

4 (23˚)
Lie: 59.9˚
Length: 39.125″
Swing weight: D1
*Shaft offerings include Alta CB 70 Graphite (SR 69g, R 73g, S 76g, X 79g), Tour 85 Graphite (R 76g, S 83g, X 88g) and AWT 2.0 (96g, S 99g, XS 113g)

Ping G410 Crossovers retail starting at $249 and hit shelves on March 7

Demo and purchase the new Ping G410 Crossovers at GOLFTEC! 

G410 Hybrids

Ping G410 SFT hybrid- sole

Ping’s first adjustable hybrid allows you to customize your ball flight eight different ways through loft (+- 1.5 degrees) and lie combinations for consistently better results. Thinner and more flexible, the maraging steel face generates faster ball speeds and higher launch so you carry trouble while hitting (and holding) more greens. A larger profile and high-density back weight provide added stability and elevate MOI for more forgiveness.


In Ping’s first adjustable hybrid, a lightweight, aerodynamic hosel sleeve design adjusts to influence ball flight and provides you eight positions for tuning your trajectories through loft (+- 1.5 degrees) and lie adjustments.

Ping G410 SFT hybrid- topG410 HYBRID SPECS

2 (17˚)
Lie: 57˚
Length: 40.75″
Swing weight: D1

3 (19˚)
Avg. Lie: 57.5˚
Length: 40.25″
Swing weight: D1

4 (22˚)
Lie: 58˚
Length: 39.75″
Swing weight: D1

Ping G410 SFT hybrid- face5 (26˚)
Lie: 58.5˚
Length: 39.25″
Swing weight: D1

6 (30˚)
Lie: 59˚
Length: 38.75″
Swing weight: D1

*Shaft offerings include Alta CB Red 70 Graphite (SR 69g, R 73g, S 76g, X 79g), Tour 85 Graphite (R 73g, S 82g, X 97G), Project X Evenflow 85 Black (5.5 82g, 6.0 82g, 6.5 83g) and Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Blue 70/80 (R 64g, S 74g, TX 81g)

Ping G410 Crossovers retail starting at $249.99 and hit shelves on March 7

Demo and purchase the new Ping G410 Hybrids at GOLFTEC! 

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