Never leave a putt short again by ingraining this simple drill into your practice routine

By Sabrina Naccarato

There’s a saying that goes something like “100% of short putts won’t go in.” Well, of course, there’s no chance your ball is going to find the bottom of the hole if it doesn’t even reach it.

Do you know who’s really good at making sure their putts at least make their way to the hole? The pros. That really shouldn’t surprise anyone.

So what are they doing that is that much different than us amateurs? We look to the Director of Teaching Quality, Zach Lambeck for that answer.

Take it back now 

One of the biggest mistakes amateurs make while struggling to reach the hole happens during the stroke. They usually don’t take the putter back far enough which then can cause them to jab at the ball or not have enough oomph to get the ball the necessary distance.

Stop wasting strokes by leaving putts short- drillSo because of that, Lambeck created this super simple drill to help you train your putting stroke. All you need is your putter and three balls. First, place one ball about 10-feet away from the hole. Then, set the two other balls about a foot in front and behind the first ball, but not directly in the same line as the first ball. Use those balls as a guide for how far back and forward you need to take your putter.

Once you start to train yourself to have a longer putting stroke, those putts left short of the hole are going to be a thing of the past.

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