In the next edition of our beginners series, we’re addressing setup and hitting a driver with confidence

By Sabrina Naccarato

The whole point of a series for beginners is to take someone who’s new to golf and guide them through every single part of the game. And we’re not skipping any steps. In the last article, we covered the gear and ball flight basics. Now, we’re talking about how to properly set up to the ball and possibly the most intimidating part for all beginners, stepping up to the first tee and breaking out that driver. So let’s dive into these next two videos!

Setup for success

Before we get to hit the ball, let’s talk about how to set up to the thing. It might seem simple to just step up to a ball and whack it, but there are some tips that’ll help in the long run. In this video, VP of Instruction, Nick Clearwater and Kenzie O’Connell are breaking down how to address the ball. They’re covering everything from how to hold the club, where your feet go and simply, how to aim at the intended target.

Hit bombs like the pros

Now that setting up to the ball is mastered, we’re ready to finally hit a ball! Hitting the driver is probably one of the first things you’ll do once you hit the course and honestly, it can be the most fun. Nick and Kenzie go into detail about how it doesn’t really matter what type of driver beginners have, as long as it’s a big one and easy to hit. Kenzie demonstrates her first tee routine and Nick gets into the mechanics of how to hit the big stick with all the confidence in the world.

The ball is off of the first tee, and we’re heading to the next section of our series which touches on how to hit the ball out of the fairway vs the rough and how to then get onto the green. Keep following along with our beginners series here.

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