The cold weather might put a damper on your golf game but you can work on your game all year long with the right guidance

By Sabrina Naccarato

Let’s be honest, there’s probably a good portion of us golfers who’d choose to be a couch potato over heading to a golf course in the dead of winter. Unfortunately, that’s not a solid choice for the swing you’ve been working to perfect. There’s an obvious alternative solution to this struggle, you could head to your nearest GOLFTEC but if you really don’t want to stray far from your couch, we can make that work.

Director of Teaching Quality, Brad Skupaka, has a drill to knock off your winter rust and all you need is a couch, but you’ll need to get off of it. In this drill, Skupaka demonstrates how standing behind the couch with your lead thigh pressed up against the back is a great way to work on your backswing.

That’ll help your overall swing because if you begin the takeaway and notice you start to sway away from the couch, that’s an automatic indicator your shots will be heavy at impact. For solid, crisp contact, your goal is to keep as much of your hip and tailbone touching the couch throughout the backswing.

By practicing this drill throughout the winter months, when the grass starts to turn green, your backswing will be as solid as your contact. But again, you don’t have to resort to using your couch all winter long, find your nearest GOLFTEC to work on your game any time of the year.

If you’re not sure if this tip is for you, find a GOLFTEC near you today!

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