Do you struggle with the flat stick? We have three videos to help you make more putts

By Sabrina Naccarato

All of the recent talks on the PGA Tour have been about long bombers and how much more speed can these guys can gain before they break the sound barrier. That might be an exaggeration but still, the headlines are all about distance, power, and speed. However, they might be ignoring one very important aspect of the game- putting. I’m not going to preach the old adage ‘drive for show, putt for dough,’ because I’m totally in the camp that distance and power are SO important but that ball does have to find the bottom of the hole eventually.

So let’s take a break from examining Bryson DeChambeau’s unique swing and look at how we can shave some strokes off of our own game by mastering the greens. Putting consists of three skills; green reading, starting direction and speed and if you nail all three at the same time, the ball usually ends up in the hole, or pretty darn close to it. To help improve all of these skills, check out the three videos below and you might just become the Bryson of the greens.

Are you starting your putt on the right line?

Starting your putt on the right line is crucial to getting the ball near the hole and eventually seeing more and more balls drop. In this video, you’ll see how you can start your putts on the intended line more often.

Struggle with putter? It MIGHT not be your putting stroke!

Determining what your putting issue is might come down to actually figuring out what aspect of putting you do well. In this video, VP of Instruction, Nick Clearwater shares a drill to help you determine what your problems on the green really comes down to.

How to Improve your Putting with this Simple Drill

If you want to practice all three putting skills in one shot, this is the drill for you! VP of Instruction, Nick Clearwater, shares a simple drill that addresses green reading, starting direction and speed all in one.

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