Use This Hand Path Drill for More Control and Straighter Shots

In this edition of Fix My Fault, Erik Wait from GOLFTEC Frisco in Texas shows a common flaw he sees from his Students who are having trouble starting their shots on their intended target line out on the course. Watch the video as he explains how to move your arms and body to control the club and get the ball going straighter.

Why Doesn’t My Shot Go Straight?

Erik explains that most golfers struggle with understanding how to control their arms and body through the downswing.

What happens is Students begin by turning their body too much and moving their arms out too much toward the golf ball, as seen in the picture. This causes slices or shots that are pulled, starting too far off the target line.

Instead of moving your hands and arms around your body at the start of the downswing, move your arms down to control the club path.

A common flaw is turning your body too much and moving your arms out too much toward the golf ball.

Hand Path Drill

A great drill to fix this fault is to take an alignment stick and put it into the ground so that it is parallel to the club shaft at address, as shown in the picture.

If your arms and hands come around your body too much your club will hit the alignment stick. Focus on dropping your arms and hands so the club stays inside the alignment stick on your way to impact.

Remember to start slow with the drill, then build up speed as you gain more confidence and start swinging on the correct path consistently. Also, begin this drill without a ball at first, then introduce the golf ball when you’re comfortable with the new swing path.

Use an alignment stick to help you focus on dropping your arms and hands inside on the downswing.

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