Fassi is One of the Longest Players on the LPGA Tour

In this edition of Fix My Fault, we talk with one of the longest hitters on the LPGA Tour, Maria Fassi. Through her first two years on Tour, Fassi ranked in the top-5 in driving distance, averaging over 280 yards off the tee. GOLFTEC’s Vice President of Instruction, Nick Clearwater caught up with Fassi on the range before one of Fassi’s tournaments to get some insight on how Fassi is able to generate so much power.

Maria Focuses on Three Things for Longer Drives

Maria says there are three things she focuses on when she’s trying to get a little extra distance. The first thing she does is tees the ball up higher. This promotes hitting up on the ball more to help launch it. This also helps Maria focus on hitting a slight draw, instead of her normal cut shot. Hitting a draw will maximize roll out when the ball hits the fairway.

The next thing Maria does is slow down her takeaway. Usually you don’t think slower when trying to hit the ball farther, but slowing down on the backswing helps Maria get maximum extension before she’s ready to unwind and swing fast through impact.

Finally, Maria uses the extra extension to create a bigger shoulder turn in the backswing. This added shoulder turn moves the butt end of the club really far back so that you’re ready to launch!

Maria tees it high to let it fly. But, her takeaway and extension also help to get that extra distance.

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