Hannah Gregg and Fredrik Lindblom Visit GOLFTEC to Discuss Building a Better Swing

In this edition of Data Driven, Professional Golfers Hannah Gregg and Fredrik Lindblom visit GOLFTEC to build a better swing. A better swing begins with the backswing, as this is where many amateurs can go wrong. Often we see golfers bring the club back too far inside, then in an attempt to get the club back on plan in the downswing, they overcorrect and come over the top, which leads directly to a big slice.

2 Keys to Get the Club On-Plane in the Backswing

  1. Increase your shoulder tilt early in the backswing with your lead shoulder pointing more down. You don’t want your shoulders level to the ground when the shaft is parallel to the ground. You want to have closer to 28 or 29 degrees of shoulder tilt.
  2. Speed up how fast your lead wrist radial deviates or hinges at the start of the backswing. When you take the club back a good check point is to stop as the club is parallel to the ground and make sure your hands are in line with the clubhead, so that everything is pointing straight back. You will be able to see if the clubhead is too far outside or inside your hands, and make the correction.
Check point: Take the club halfway back and make sure the clubhead is in line with your hands.

2 Tips to Improve Backswing Width

  1. Keep your arm really straight as you take the club back, like you’re trying to reach out and shake someone’s hand who is standing beside you. This will help you rotate your body as well. The more you rotate, the farther the club travels, enabling you to pick up speed as you start the downswing.
  2. Bend backward with your upper spine as you get to the top of your backswing. Bending back will help you keep your arms straighter as well, so that you continue to create width instead of bending your elbows.
Rotating back with your arms straight will create width and more clubhead speed on the downswing.

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