We’re sharing the most forgiving irons of this year

By Sabrina Naccarato

There’s no secret a majority of golfers could benefit from a little more technology in their clubs, especially irons and luckily for us, golf club manufacturers make that much easier to find these days. There are a ton of ‘game improvement’ irons on the market but long gone are the chunky clubs with an enormous and sometimes distracting amount of offset. Today, golfers can find forgiving clubs in a sleek design that nearly resembles the clubs the pros have in the bag.

However, with so many options, how do you know which irons are right for you? The easiest answer is to get a custom club fitting and a GOLFTEC Coach can quickly fit you into the perfect set of irons to fit your game. But while you wait to schedule your fitting (don’t wait too long- your game will thank you!), we’ve compiled the top forgiving irons of the year.

Mizuno JPX921

One of the most forgiving irons currently on the market is the Mizuno JPX921. These irons do have slightly stronger lofts but that is to combat how fast the balls are coming off the face of the clubs. The JPX921 irons do feature a tungsten weight in the heel to help get the ball launched up in the air. These irons do have a thicker sole to help with turf interaction. The JPX921 irons feature a decent amount of offset to help minimize that dreadful slice.

Callaway Rogue ST Max OS

Another super forgiving iron to hit the market this year is the Callaway Rogue ST Max OS. This iron features a bit more offset and a really wide sole to help with any miss-hit shots. If you tend to hit the ball heavily, this is the club for you. Unlike other game improvement irons, the Rogue ST Max OS doesn’t have as strong of lofts. The wider sole helps launch the ball higher but technology keeps the backspin down.


The PING G425 iron is the most forgiving iron we’ve ever tested using MOI as a base measurement. On average, most of the game improvement irons we test have an MOI of 2,700 and the PING G425 comes in over 3,000. MOI is important since it helps decrease mis-hits and maintain ball speed. These irons feature the best of both worlds with a wide sole but it does narrow towards the heel. Having a more narrow heel decreases the worry about having the club getting caught in the rough while the wider sole builds in added forgiveness. The PING G425 also features a thinner topline which adds to an overall clean look. These game-improvement irons also feature lofts that are very close to traditional lofts.

Overall, there are a ton of great irons out there, not just the three we featured, and if you’re looking to add a forgiving set of irons to your bag, the options are endless. And like I mentioned previously, the only way to truly know which irons are perfect for your game, visit your local GOLFTEC for a custom club fitting.

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