Callaway’s Johnny Wunder Takes Us Through the Ball Fitting Process

In this edition of Callaway’s World of Wunder, Johnny Wunder takes us through the complete Callaway Chrome Soft ball fitting to showcase the differences and similarities between all three of the newest versions in the Chrome Soft lineup. In the end Johnny is able to determine which Chrome Soft is best for his game based on data, flight characteristics, and feel, which is basically the sound feedback that you get from club striking ball.

The Callaway Chrome Soft Lineup

This year Callaway released three new versions of the Chrome Soft golf ball: Chrome Soft, Chrome Soft X, and Chrome Soft X LS.

Chrome Soft – might be the most broad-reaching of the three offerings. Callaway says the Chrome Soft is longer through the bag while providing the signature soft feel that golfers love.

Chrome Soft X – a little firmer feel than Chrome Soft, meaning a faster swing is needed to compress this ball. Callaway says the Chrome Soft X is faster off the driver with a spin profile that’s optimized for Tour pros and better players.

Chrome Soft X LS – similar to the Chrome Soft X with the LS standing for ‘Low Spin’. Callaway says the Chrome Soft X LS is faster off the driver with a new cover for more greenside control.

Chrome Soft in the red box, Chrome Soft X in the black box, and Chrome Soft X LS in the Silver box

Let the Testing Begin

Johnny explains that when he tests golf balls, he starts at the putting green and works his way back to the irons and driver.

The reason is that most of your shots during a round are made around the green, chipping and putting specifically. You must have a ball that sounds (feels) good off your putter and performs well with your wedges.

After a thorough test with putting, chipping, and hitting bunker shots, Johnny has his ball pretty well dialed in. He moves to the range to hit some iron shots and drivers to check his numbers and confirm that he’s hitting the ball of his choice the distances that he’s used to with correct launch and spin.

When testing golf balls, work backwards, starting with the putting green, then chipping, then full shots with irons and driver

In the end Johnny chose the Chrome Soft X LS. He talked about how he liked the way it sounded on the putting green, the spin he got on his chips and bunker shots, and the numbers he was getting on his full iron shots and drives. If you are curious which Chrome Soft is right for you, stop into GOLFTEC and have one of our experiences Coaches fit you for one of the Chrome Soft golf balls today!

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