Fredrik Lindblom’s dad goes to GOLFTEC to fix his slice

By Ryan Gager

The beginning of your golf game improvement journey is as easy as going into your local GOLFTEC Training Center.

Recently, Fredrik Lindblom, GOLFTEC Athlete, had the chance to take his dad in for a visit to his local GOLFTEC in Scottsdale and work with a professional Coach to improve his golf swing. “The technology and visuals offered by GOLFTEC were impressive,” said Fredrik’s dad. “And it made it easy to comprehend the coach’s instructions.” Fredrik’s dad has played golf before, but had given it up for a period of time and now after several years, he’s ready to get back into it.

Diagnosing the Slice

Coach Xander Walsh at GOLFTEC Chandler gave Fredrik’s dad a Swing Evaluation, which quickly identified that his club path was about 5.5 degrees out-to-in. Comparing his swing to a Tour player’s swing, Xander was able to show the discrepancies, starting with the Tour player’s clubhead remaining behind his hands, while Fredrik’s dad’s clubhead was getting outside or to the left of his hands. (Note Fredrik’s dad is a left-handed player.)

Xander explained that this caused his club path to be too far out to the right and recommended starting with adjusting address position and a grip change. His right hand was too far to the right side of the golf club, whereas a Tour player would have their right hand more to the left side of the golf club, closing the turn and promoting the club path to move more in-to-out.

Next, Xander took a look at his backswing and discovered another issue. Fredrik’s dad was moving out and away as he took the club back, causing his head to move 2.5 inches away from the target, and his trail hip to sway back. This made it harder for him to turn and maintain proper low point control when making contact with the ball. This hip sway drill is great if you are swaying too much and hitting shots fat or thin.

Also, he was adding too much loft to the club, caused by his lead wrist getting too much extension. In contrast, Tour players decrease the loft on the club through impact, enabling them to hit the ball farther.

Starting with a Swing Evaluation, your GOLFTEC Coach can diagnose your swing and identify areas for improvement.

See what happens inside a GOLFTEC Swing Evaluation as we show a behind-the-scenes look.

“If you want to enhance your golf game in 2023, I highly recommend visiting your nearest GOLFTEC location. They have the technology and expertise to help you improve your game!”

Fredrik Lindblom

Instruction and Drills

Now it was time to start diving into the issues and fixing his swing. Xander began by setting up obstacles on the mat, slowly introducing a golf ball. Fredrik’s dad was asked to stand tall, look straight ahead, and turn his shoulders to the target. If he could turn to 70 degrees, he would hear a sound, helping him get a feel for the correct angle of his shoulder turn.

After just a little bit of time spent with drills and hitting balls following the drills, Xander noted that the club path had changed from 5.5 degrees out-to-in to 5.2 degrees in-to-out, a 10-degree difference! This new path will lead to better contact and promote hitting draws instead of slices.

Fredrik’s dad was given video to watch, along with some notes and drills to keep him on the right track for his game improvement journey.

Fredrik and his dad said they had a great experience at GOLFTEC and were impressed with how easy the technology made it to understand what was happening, how to correct the flaws and make better swings within the lesson. We had a fun time helping Fredrik’s dad start his game improvement journey!

With some simple drills and instruction, your GOLFTEC Coach will have you seeing noticeable differences in your before and after swings.

If you slice the ball like Fredrik’s dad did, take a look a the videos below to help get your shots straightened out or even start drawing the ball. The first video talks about adjusting your grip, which was an issue Fredrik’s dad had, and the second video talks about proper shoulder tilt. Implement the tips in these videos and you will start to see fewer slices in your game.

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